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Call for Proposals opens May 1st for New Testing Conference this Fall 2017

New Testing Conference and Masterclasses Week
End of October/Early November NYC (dates are finalized)

What’s in the name? The concept of NEW.
We will look at the “testing as we know it” in a novel, creative way.
We will discover things that are NEW in testing: tools, roles, and interactions.
We will explore horizons and limits of testing: things that have not been considered testing, and now are.

Call for Proposals opens May 1st.  Do you have a story to share or a technique to teach? We would love to learn from you. Don’t miss the CFP opening. Subscribe for announcements

NYC Meetups

Test Masters Academy Leadership Series
March 6th, 2017

What’s in the Name? with Martin Hynie

We had an amazing and thought provoking session with Martin Hynie. Find out more about the talk here. Here is what our participants say:

Christian Crews

Really interesting experiment and talk

Mikhail Chernobilsky

I have recently changed my title in the resume from Test Manager to Delivery Manager. It seems the industry is moving from functional titles to business titles. Yesterday’s talk confirmed it.

Joshua Gorospe

Very good!Andrew Hwang

Andrew Hwang

Very thought provoking talk. I always realize that a job title with any ‘tester’ implication will hinder ones growth into a non-tester role within today’s organization structure. A tester will have to work twice as hard to break into other roles (e.g. business analyst, project management) if one day he/she no longer to join a position that does not involve testing/QA etc.
That said, SDET these days is a different story, this role is basically a programming role. SDET can migrate to a developer role much easier (if a SDET chooses to do so)

Here are the fantastic participants and Martin 🙂