Peer Workshop on Testing in Black Swan Domains

WOTBLACK peer workshop
​April 29th-30th NYC

Call for Participation is open for 1st Peer Workshop on Testing in Black Swan Domains (apply here) 

A LAWST style context driven workshop on testing in high-risk contexts such as banking, healthcare, industrial plant management, safety systems, public sector, transportation… The goal of the workshop is to facilitate knowledge sharing across testing communities.

Call for Proposals opens March 1st for New Testing Conference this Fall 2017

New Testing Conference and Masterclasses Week
End of October/Early November NYC (dates are finalized)

What’s in the name? The concept of NEW.
We will look at the “testing as we know it” in a novel, creative way.
We will discover things that are NEW in testing: tools, roles, and interactions.
We will explore horizons and limits of testing: things that have not been considered testing, and now are.

Call for Proposals opens March 1st.  Do you have a story to share or a technique to teach? We would love to learn from you. Don’t miss the CFP opening. Subscribe for announcements

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